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Alday Donalson

Alday-Donalson Has Been Acquired


Alday-DonalsonAlday-Donalson Title has recently been merged with Universal Land Title, and the management and staff of both companies are enthusiastic about the implications of this merger. Ron Donalson of Alday-Donalson is particularly excited by the promise held by this acquisition and has transitioned smoothly into his new role at Universal Land Title.


Alday-Donalson flourished with Ron’s help, and with his guidance the agency grew. By providing excellent title services on all types of transactions, his company helped real estate professionals across Florida to facilitate smooth closings. In his new role at Universal Land Title, he will be working toward the same goal, if in a slightly different setting.


Alday-Donalson benefited significantly from the business connections that Ron Donalson had spent the previous couple decades garnering, and now Universal Land Title will benefit from those connections and that expertise as well. Everyone involved is happy to be able to provide a higher level of service to a greater number of clients thanks to the merger.


Alday-Donalson might have been subsumed by Universal Land Title, but those who have developed working relationships with Alday-Donalson will retain the same high quality service they have come to expect.


Alday-Donalson gained prominence in Florida by focusing on large clients statewide and cultivating relationships with high-volume customers. By allowing his company to scale upward, Ron Donalson was able to provide his smaller clients with faster, more accurate service than other agencies were able to provide. Now that same expertise will be available at ULT. To learn more about Universal Land Title, visit their website at

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